"You are a Being of Unity, and your union is through Love"

CMN - Question: What do you perceive as the most important single lesson for humanity at this moment in our transition?

James – Answer: In a word: practice. The practice of the art of living from the heart, and expressing the six heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor are key expressions of the highest frequency on this planet: the vibration of equality.

When people are enamored by complex spiritual laws, the systems of manifestation, the exploration of cosmology or the observance of rituals and ceremony, they may fill their minds with information, but ask yourselves: “How is this information leading me to the expression of my heart’s virtues?”

Here’s a hypothetical for your consideration. Imagine if there was an undisclosed text from a credible source that one hundred people read. The text was focused on one simple premise:

'water is a special medium that conforms to your emotional radiation. If you radiate and infuse water with gratitude and love, it will impart a potent dose of well-being and boost your immunity.' 

Of the one hundred people reading this text, fifty will consider it a reasonable hypothesis assuming its sources are credible and scientific. Of these fifty people, twenty-five will try it once or twice. Of these twenty-five, ten will persist in the practice for a period of one to fourteen days. Of these ten, five will persist in the practice for a period more than fourteen days. Of these five, two will experiment and create practices that are a creation of their own.

In this hypothetical example, only 2 percent of the readers actually applied the information persistently, and created something with it, in this case, a technique for infusing water with healing properties. Why did the other ninety-eight readers ignore the information and elect not to put it into practice and create a technique based on the information? In many cases it is because they moved on to the next thing. They found new information to occupy their minds. They are like bumblebees pollinating a field of ideas, where the construct of New is king.

The heart virtues are accessible and simple. Their potency is an order of magnitude greater than the mind’s energies. They are a connected force, and there is nothing new about them. They have been the constant in the soul’s incarnational life.

In Lyricus, there is a phrase called Priorities of Practice. We use it to describe how individuals place their focus on the practices that matter, not in the sense of achievement, but in the sense of wielding the energy of the heart to the needs of the human family. We have been taught by the social order that
what we cannot cure, we must endure. And the list of what is incurable seems to grow with every passing day, and I’m not speaking about medical conditions. I’m speaking about the missteps of our global leadership, the selfishness of business, and the falsehoods that are promulgated by the media, to name a just a few.

Anyone who is connected to the state of our world perceives the “incurable” everywhere they turn, and the resulting apathy or the self-indulgence of distraction has become our gesture of endurance. If one can set forth the Priorities of Practice, and make this shift to their heart’s wisdom; find the vibration of equality within them, and radiate this vibration through the heart virtues, they have shared a cure—they have done more than merely endure.

I’ve written extensively about how one can practice the heart virtues and this material is available.

You may be asking yourself, what is the vibration of equality? How do I recognize it? Why is it so important? But discovering the answers is part of the practice; they are discovered as a result of your practice.

Your initial resonance with the idea—the abstraction itself—is all that’s required to determine if you are attracted to the feel of the practice.

Not everyone has gone through the search for arcane knowledge long enough, hard enough, to have found them unsatisfying. And this is generally a prerequisite of shifting to the heart’s wisdom and expressing it.

Excerpted from CMN Interview with James