Part of this practice intersects with what some might refer to as the Law of Attraction, power of thought, or the imprint of intention. These concepts relate to how the focused thoughts of the mind—coupled to the expectation of belief—can influence our experience of reality. There is some truth in these concepts, but they are not the drivers of reality. Reality is a much more complex thing than being a result of intentional focus or mental visualization or prayer. 

Part of reality is a result of your individual blueprint; part of your experience relates to your setting up experiences for you; part is a consequence of your past actions; part of it is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions and their energetic attraction; and part is the desire of your to experience new energy fields. 

Only one of these elements is influenced by intention or the Law of Attraction, and certainly the fundamental blueprint of the Designing Force, as co-created by your and First Source , is not subject to the intentions or prayerful petitions of your ego-personality, no matter how eloquent or heartfelt.

It is a fallacy to believe that the entire matrix of reality conforms to the Law of Attraction or that the mind can direct matter with precision and consistency. Nonetheless, there are pockets of reality where your intention or power of thought-belief can be influential and reality will accommodate your thought-belief, sometimes with remarkable precision. The when-which-how practice is one such place or “pocket” that you can carve out from reality’s matrix and influence with your heart-mind intention. Indeed, this is part of the broader practice.

The heart-mind intention imprints subtle energies within the environment, which filter through the personality’s inner layers or quantum levels, and imprint—at the speed of light—upon the higher self. This imprinting is strongest within the individual, however it also “seeps” into the greater environment and even those with whom the environment is shared. The “environment,” in this definition, is not the physical space, but rather the emotional ecology at the quantum level that connects people independent of time-space considerations.

This specific type of emotional ecology is generated from the heart-mind operating in synchrony and alignment, focused on a very specific intention to operate within the when-which-how practice. It can extend to unimaginable distances and times because it operates in non-time and non-space. The heart’s domain encompasses this ecology and can emit subtle impressions to anyone connected to this ecology. In this case, distance is a trivial factor because we’re speaking of photonic energy not magnetic or electrical—so someone connected to you a continent away is quite literally closer than a heartbeat

The heart-mind intention operates similarly to how it’s depicted in the diagram above. The U{1} time/space is our normal environment while the SU{2} is a more highly ordered and coherent field that operates outside of our time/space. I will not delve into this for now as it is a conversation composed of many layers. For now, I will focus on the process in which the heart and mind collectively send subtle energy imprints upon the inner layers of the personality self. You can feel these imprints filtering inside you like layers of sediment that filter through the water to rest on the bottom of a lake or river.

These imprints are the outgrowth of your heart-mind intention—both consciously and unconsciously. The intentional energy is a confluence of the conscious “writings” of the heart and mind coupled to the deeper stirrings that are stored within the blueprint of the individual. The intuitive centers of the personality that reside within the energetic heart are more attuned to the blueprint and the deeper purpose of the soul, while the mind, operating through the ego-personality, is more attuned to the heart-mind intentions created in, and as an outgrowth of, the worlds of time-space.

You could quite literally say that there are two “books” that define your purpose: One is written by the that is indeed co-created with First Source, and the other is written by your heart-mind based on the perceived needs of the ego-personality in the worlds of time-space. The book that most people read, at least in part, is the second one. A dim recognition exists in some people that another book exists, but seldom do they discover it.

I am suggesting, in this paper, that the first book—the one written by your —is contained in the actions of the six heart virtues, and that the key for discovering and reading this “book” or higher purpose is contained in the when-which-how practice. Why is this important? If you read only the book of purpose written by your heart-mind, you will see it is entwined with the reality of the ego-personality inside time-space. Its trunk line might be enlightenment or greed. Whichever it is, its primary concern is one lifetime, one individual (you).

When these subtle energy imprints accumulate upon the inner layers of the personality they begin to make an impression that transitions between the worlds of time-space and the dimensions of the soul within the individual. The soul evaluates these impressions and determines their state of alignment to the ’s own blueprint and learning requirements. If they are aligned, they are then added to the energetic build-up that atom-by-atom coalesces into manifestation in the time-space domain.

This manifestation operates independently of linear time. In other words, the heart-mind intention—as it enters the higher dimensions of non-time-space—begins to manifest in space and time, but the time might be in the future or past. This is a subject all its own and it is complicated to address in words that can be easily understood by the mind, so I will only touch on its surface level structure. The deeper textures and intricacies will be described in a later paper, or perhaps will be the discovery you make as you work with these materials.

Some of you will find impediments to manifestation, independent of your presumed actions, thoughts, and words, and to some extent this is true. The higher blueprints of First Source overshadow the manifestations of your ego-personality. There is also the burn-off of centuries-old energetics which have accumulated and act as buffers to manifestation. Just know that if you find resistance to your dreams, hopes, and prayers, it is not always a result of your behaviors or the Law of Attraction being unresponsive to your skills. There is a tremendous accumulation of the third-dimensional energetics and these constrain the higher energetics born in your higher practices. But these are the very conditions or catalysts that transform or burn off the old energetics and create the shift into the higher dimensions of being. This is all part of the reason for your incarnation: To transform the accumulation of third-dimensional grids of energy into higher dimensional grids that can shift these energetics and move the planet and its “visitors” to its next incarnation within the higher octave of new energies, discoveries, and supernal destiny that supports the Grand Portal.

The degree to which we apply our heart-mind intention usually correlates to the degree we genuinely accept our divine power as co-creators of new realities. If we fear our divinity, our application of intention is typically diminished even if we practice it with diligence. Simply practicing a new discipline doesn’t attract its full power. There must be an attendant belief—genuineness in the practice—that what you are doing is part of a larger plan; that it is connected, like bricks in a wall, to a larger purpose.

This attendant belief often takes a while to accrue its power. It is not something you can manufacture artificially. In a sense, it is part of the learning curve and grows over time as you become more comfortable with the practice or technique.