The when-which-how practice is a core practice, faith agnostic, and grounded in the perennial wisdom of sages and the interior voices of spiritual guides throughout time. It is the central, activating principle upon which the Event Temples are designed. Event Temples are the coalescing force for the community of when-which-how practitioners to collectively send their energetic voices to the needful ears of those enmeshed in the densities of a world awash in change, disenfranchisement, separation, greed, and profound, but fearful changes of a new reality.

The Event Temples have a multidimensional purpose that has been alluded to in this paper, but will, in this section, be described in more detail.

When we contribute our individual energetic field (IHEF) to a selected target as defined in a specific Event Temple, we are performing six important functions:

1. We are practicing the six heart virtues in a communal way and learning how we can synchronize our heart’s capacity to send its energetic qualities with others and create a resonant, supportive field that assists others.

2. There is the collective and individual contribution to the CHEF and helping to increase the vibrancy of the viral positive therein.

3. Every time you participate in an Event Temple, you are crystallizing your purpose as an energetic being in the worlds of time-space. You are kindling a key objective for which you embodied in a human instrument and are awakening the energetic reach of your consciousness, empowering your sense of connection to all life.

4. Just as the CHEF exists for humanity, there also exists group CHEFs that can evolve at a much faster tempo than the overall species. The participants of the Event Temples will create their own CHEF and this CHEF will evolve very rapidly to act as a facilitator of the viral positive energetics.

5. Each participant of the Event Temples will be provided an online tracking system free of charge that will enable them to evaluate their progress over time on the when-which-how practice and each of the six heart virtues. This will enable an accelerated trajectory of learning for each individual, and a supportive system to persist upon the path.

6. The Event Temples will be a practice area for energetic transmissions of an individual and collective kind. In this practice you will feel the support of a conscious community and refine your artistry of expression of the six heart virtues. The Event Temples website will be a place where people can share their ideas and technique-enhancements with people of similar interest.

The Event Temples website is a dynamic, online analogue of living from the heart, and this e-paper is the foundation stone of the Event Temples.