Detecting the CHEF

The key lesson in this is to realize that just as earth’s geomagnetic field detects the CHEF, so do we as individuals, even though we may not be conscious or understand how it is possible. There is also a magnetic attraction that plays an influential role here. When our IHEF evolves to a more stable, viral positive state, we detect the viral influences of those IHEF contributions from the most potent viral positive sources, and we are influenced in our behaviors and attitudes accordingly.

For most of us, this happens beneath our conscious “radar.” If you examine the Figure B diagram and assess where you believe your IHEF is positioned on any given day, consider how you can evolve it to the Most Desired State (small green triangle). The when-which-how practice is an accelerator that will move you in this direction or help you remain there.

I know this subject is complicated, and from my perspective, it is not easy to explain with words or static, two-dimensional diagrams. I would ask you to be patient and persevere in your understanding if you feel uncertain of the deeper meanings in this section related to Interconnection. These are important elements in your motivation and intent relative to the unfolding of your purpose and ability to practice the six heart virtues.

Remember that interconnection is attended with interaction and emotional resonance. While there are some who would downplay the significance of whether that interaction and resonance is anchored in positive or negative virtues, there is a difference of enormous consequence between the two poles—to you as an individual, to the collective of humanity and to the earth itself. At one level, there is no positive or negative in the sense of good and evil, but in the dimensions of time-space and the prevailing construct of evolution and ascension of consciousness, it matters a great deal.

The when-which-how practice is like a homing device that helps you navigate to the stable, viral positive place that enables your purpose to truly radiate and have impact within this world at this time. There is very little glamour associated with this practice as it leaves no historical footprint in the context of a material legacy. In the case of the when-which-how practice and the viral positive position, these are largely invisible as they are not made up of material things, but instead are an energetic transmission. Their potency is emotional energy aligned to specific behaviors which express themselves in our words and actions. You cannot bottle these up in material things, unless, purely for artistic purposes you want to convey their shadowy essence for others to acknowledge.

If you desire to achieve emotional self-mastery and contribute to the CHEF in a way that accelerates its evolution gracefully and naturally, then living from the heart is an excellent path to walk. I have suggested many times that patience plays a role because the path is not easy and has many, many layers of nuance and subtlety, but if your purpose has eluded you or you fear its tardiness is unending, this path and the practices described herein will guide you to reclaim your purpose and to live a meaningful life.