The Agnostic Path

For those who establish emotional self-mastery as their path, they will need to track, treat and transform their behaviors as they progress on this journey because this is not about instant gratification. This journey is truly focused on connecting with one’s higher guidance (receptivity and listening) and expressing this wisdom into the field in which you live, move, and have your being (transmission and expression).

Let me be clear about the framework of track, treat, transform.

Track means that the individual can self-report their progress on the six heart virtues over time and track their ups and downs, and see their self-mastery growing against the backdrop of time.

Treat means that the individual while tracking their progress can see when they hit a snag or vexing problem that takes them off course and then treat this issue like a physician treats a wound or illness. The treat, in this case, is not a reward, but rather a solution or remedy to a problem or emotional misstep.

Transform is the result of tracking and treating along this journey and seeing how you are transformed into a self-empowered, spiritually vibrant person.

Books and self-help programs abound in the world on what one should believe, do, think, and feel. They are translated from the minds and hearts of some of our greatest thinkers and spiritualized beings. We do not require more information on how to behave or believe. We simply require more discipline in our emotional lives and the tools and techniques to attain this. In other words, we need a practical framework.

The energetic heart—the physical heart’s quantum equivalent—is the portal of the soul’s consciousness in intersection with the Designing Force. It resides at the heart chakra site, and it is the knowingness of the soul or higher spirit within the individual. The six heart virtues emanate from this stronghold of the energetic body, and it is this energy center that we must nurture and consciously activate within us.

This path is not owned by anyone or any organization, and those who travel it are essentially faith agnostic, which is to say, they do not look upon this practice as affiliated with a particular religion, spiritual inquiry system, scientific endeavor, New Age belief system, or spiritual master. It is a framework as old as the soul itself, and its chief principle is the ongoing practice of the six heart virtues in one’s daily life. In doing this, the reality that surrounds you will assemble its own path to a higher understanding, suited specifically to you.

Patience pays. Do not look for the shortcuts in matters of the heart or soul because space-time is not the force that operates or controls the heart virtues. It is the soul and higher spirit enfolded within the Designing Force that enables these virtues full expression and empowerment within any domain—subtle, gross, or otherwise. There is no density in which the heart virtues are extinguished or marginalized if the individual regularly exercises them, observes their energies, contemplates their outputs, and nurtures their expression. Even in the darkest densities the heart beats true its pulse of connectivity to the divine nature in us all. It is the connecting force that binds us as human spirits.

Orchestrating the heart virtues leads us to a point where we ultimately observe our energy field or soul signature. Once this occurs, we can discover blockages in our energetic body that filter our deeper awareness. The blockages or densities that reside within our energy field diminish our ability to express the fullness of our energetic heart. This creates the subtle, or in some cases, not so subtle irritations that misalign our physical body, emotions and mind.

Over time, expressing the heart virtues will dissolve these energy blockages and you will find it easier to anchor and sustain your within the lower worlds of matter and space-time. In doing so, the deeper harmonies and rhythms of life more easily manifest, supporting the work we all came to perform at this time.