Collective Human Energetic Field (CHEF)

The research of Halberg, Persinger, Braud, and dozens of others have shown that the sun’s geomagnetic field affects earth’s geomagnetic field which affects our personal electromagnetic field, including our critical heart and brain rhythms. In the near future, this will be shown to be a two-way street. That is to say, humans, on a collective level—energetically through their emotional radiation—can influence Earth and our broader solar system.

I will cite one example as evidence of this interaction. NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), in order to study and prepare for major weather anomalies like hurricanes, has several geosynchronous satellites that monitor a variety of weather influences, including geomagnetic fluctuations of the earth. Two of their Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES 8 and 10), orbiting geosynchronously, produced in 2001 a provocative view into how collective human energetics can influence the earth’s geomagnetic field.

As the graph below shows, these two satellites, orbiting 60 degrees apart (Long. W75 and Long. W135) over the equator at an altitude of 22,300 miles, detected a significant spike in earth’s geomagnetic flux as the event of September 11, 2001 started and an increasing level of incoherence or flux continued to unfold five days after the event.

I am not trying to posit a scientific theory, but follow this logical progression if you will. Humans emanate an electromagnetic field—the heart being its most powerful source, radiating out in a toroidal, constantly fluxing pattern eight to fifteen feet from the body. This energetic pattern changes form constantly as we think different thoughts and feel different feelings. The feelings of our heart have the greatest effect on the signature pattern of our electromagnetic field.

When an event occurs as dramatic as the September 11, 2001 incident, the collective human electromagnetic field is affected more deeply than usual because it impacts on a much larger percentage of the overall population at an emotional level. To help you visualize this, imagine a fog of light that encircles the whole planet, representing the Collective Human Energetic Field (CHEF). It’s a matter of ratios, the more we as individuals add ingredients of stress, fear and uncertainty, the more the CHEF becomes incoherent and unstable, which in turn is instantly detected by earth and processed into its own geomagnetic field.

In other words, planets and stars affect us, and, we in turn, affect them. This is the interconnection of consciousness at the level of energy, or interwoven fields of energy that resonate, entangle and inform. It is like a symphony of sound and light waves that emanate from the CHEF, interacting with the symphony of sound and light waves emanating from earth’s Geomagnetic Field (EGF). The two—CHEF and EGF—dance together in a reciprocal energetic exchange and it is for this reason that what happens with CHEF can either facilitate or hinder the earth’s ability to shift and evolve gracefully.

Let me make this point more practical. We have seen the idea virus of global warming spread across the news media and enter our schools, governments, businesses, and even religious quarters. The world seems poised to make shifts that are in the best interest of our planet, symbolic of humanity’s role as stewards of earth. Humanity has become aware of how its ecological insensitivity has created dire conditions on the planet; conditions, that left unchecked, could create enormous catastrophes in weather, geology and social changes. So, we have the motivation and knowledge, but do we have agreement on the action plans and the inner commitment to implement them?

What will facilitate the transformation of this knowledge and facts to an agreed upon action plan and commitment to implementation? If we can become increasingly aware that humanity and earth dance together in the clear-headed realms of evolutionary expansion; that there is an interconnection and that this interconnection is mutually responsive and reinforcing; perhaps then we will turn the key. When we look upon the CHEF as vital to our well-being and the clarity of our connection to earth, we will not only turn the key, we will open the door and walk through to the next dimension… together.