Informing the CHEF

I realize that these concepts are very wide and deep, almost so much so that they seem unrelated to our personal lives, but if you examine them carefully, you will see how they bring a new meaning to your life. If you consider that you are emitting an energy field throughout your existence, regardless of what you believe your existence consists of in terms of space-time, the one thing you can be fully responsible for is the signature field that you radiate into the CHEF. Every human, every life form actually, contributes to the whole in this way, though with different intensities and effects.

This is why it is so important to understand the deeper perceptions of interconnection and raise your awareness of how you personally interconnect with the whole of life. It is a matter of taking responsibility for the emotional and mental energies that intertwine within your electromagnetic (energetic) field and contribute a living presence to the CHEF, and by association, to earth itself.

We each have a dynamic, ever-changing emotional fingerprint that we leave on the CHEF, and its effects can endure through time and space. In order to keep a complex subject relatively simple and straightforward, I will paint the differences with only a few colors, but bear in mind that the range is near endless in variation.

As depicted in the diagram on the next page, figure A shows that the Individual Human Energetic Field (IHEF) informs and contributes to the CHEF, and that the CHEF is comprised of thousands of facets (colors) each reflecting a point on the diamond-shaped object depicted in figure B. I am using the term viral in two distinct ways: On the left side of the diamond, on its horizontal (stable) axis, there is a negative viral effect; on the right side it is positive. The terms negative and positive refer to the IHEF and the qualitative nature of its contribution to the CHEF. The term viral indicates the degree to which an IHEF has the ability to influence other IHEF contributions to become more like itself simply through exposure to the viral IHEF.

For example, a single Viral Positive IHEF will be more potent than one thousand benign IHEFs. Thus, those individuals who operate in a stable positive or negative viral state have a significant and disproportional influence on the CHEF. Most people operate on or near the vertical axis (dynamic) where they fluctuate between the poles of the negative and positive IHEF, winding their way in a snake-like pattern between the positive and negative. In doing so, their IHEF contribution tends to lack potency, though because of the sheer numbers in this rank, they collectively set the normative values.