Expressing the heart virtues is a practice not a philosophical discourse or abstraction in metaphysical exploration or scientific process leading to some verifiable “proof.” It requires that you understand its framework and begin practicing it in your daily life. This practice is best applied with an experimental attitude that operates without over-judging your performance of the when-which-how practice. The practice consists of:

When you apply the heart virtues (or any subset therein) to a particular life situation;
which one(s) you apply; and
how you express the virtues into that situation.

There is no instruction manual for this process of when and what to apply and how to express it. There are far too many variables to assign clear-cut guidelines, and this is precisely why a high state of internal coherence is the ideal platform to operate in, because this enables your intuition to guide your practice in the moment for each specific situation.

It is in this practice that you will find the practical instructions of how to experience life in the moment and how to weave the six heart virtues into an expression that magnetizes your biofield to the highest consciousness of your total personality. This magnetic draw is what makes possible your inmost instructor (your soul) to reveal itself in the domains of duality. This is the goal of the when-which-how practice: to draw your soul into the experience of the body-mind, and enable it to lead the expression of your life in the domains of time-space.

It is the heart’s intention to be the enabling force for this goal. There is much written about the power of the mind, the influence of intention, the laws of attraction, and the mesh of these elements in the achievement of success in the material world. To be sure, I am not one to pour water on the fires of ambition that burn within a person to achieve their heart’s desire, but it is an important distinction to understand that living from the heart is not connected to an ambition or achievement. It is the innate desire of the heart to draw the soul into the pilot’s chair of the personality, knowing that this unlocks the blueprint of the individual to express the qualities of light stored within them.

This does not mean that the individual will suddenly begin to express wisdom in the manner in which humanity is accustomed—books, lectures, websites, music, art, etc. For most of us, the expression of the qualities of light stored within us is contained in the tiniest details of our heart’s expression in the most fleeting moments of our life. It is as though we leave a trail of light and divine sparks as we walk our life, and this activity—not the writings, the sharing and gaining of knowledge—is what is needed most at this time. This is what is unlocked and shared so faithfully from your heart.

There is a dawning awareness within humanity that its destiny is configured by the mind of the species—in a sense—its collective intention. A similar process operates at the individual level, and scientists and researchers like Schwartz, Korotkov, Popp, McCraty, Tiller, Radin, Emoto, Nelson, Penrose, and dozens of other researchers are trying to illuminate how consciousness can influence and communicate beyond the body in which it is housed; how consciousness can absorb or access knowledge systems beyond its direct study. These researchers are devising scientific, three-dimensionally based experiments to analyze the sub-quantum realms in which consciousness originates (a little like using a telescope to study the nature of atoms).

They will find the faint echoes of realization as they touch the edges of this greater reality, but it does not satisfy the “what-to-do-about it” questions that arise as one discovers the edges of this vast mysterious puzzle called consciousness. The answers to the what-to-do-about-it questions are contained inside the practice of the heart virtues because the practice establishes a feedback system. This system refines consciousness, enlivening its discrimination and opening its ability to see energetic responses to the practice that enable the experiencer to adjust their expression of the light-energy associated with each of the six heart virtues.